Dr. Simon Roselaar


I was influenced to study medicine by some of the people I met in entirely different fields. In particular, my violin stand partner in a local orchestra, who enjoyed his work as a general practitioner, and demonstrated how a passion for music could be dovetailed with a career in applied science as a physician.

I grew up around London, England, and after medical school and training in medicine and nephrology in London, I moved with my wife to the Midwest over 25 years ago. This was initially to pursue research and where I completed my training in cardiology. Currently, my interests include a broad range of cardiological problems, and I use echocardiography, nuclear cardiology, and cardiovascular CT in diagnosis.

I advocate that successful treatment and good compliance requires understanding and the relief of anxiety. I strive to have those I serve comprehend their condition in its widest context, and ensure their questions are answered.

I enjoy music as a pianist, now largely as an accompanist for my children. I enjoy being out on the water as a fisherman and kayaker.

  • Kings College School of Medicine and Dentistry MBBS
  • University of London, Doctor of Medicine MD
  • Member Royal College of Physicians (UK) MRCP
  • Fellow American College of Cardiology FACC
  • Additional training and skills: Residency at University of London Hospitals. Cardiology Fellowship at Washington University in St Louis. Board certified in Cardiovascular Diseases, Board certified in Nuclear Cardiology.